Reiki a Japanese energy healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation, it is a gentle, beautiful healing technique.

Reiki translates as ‘Universal life force energy’

Rei means universal

Ki is life force energy

We all have ki flowing through us, nourishing our bodies. When our ki flows freely we are able to maintain our health and well being.

If our ki becomes blocked we can experience negative effects on our health and well being.

Reiki promotes the free flow of energy and can be channelled to the areas that are blocked and charge them with positive ki which raises the vibration of our body helping the negative energy to disperse.

When we release energy that is not serving us we allow our ki to freely flow which then restores our health and well being.

The reiki practitioner channels the energy either using hands on or hands off techniques, it can also be practiced remotely with distance Reiki.

Mikao Usui developed the system of healing in the early 20th century and trained others in the art of Reiki who then trained others. The training has carried on to this day with many students being attuned to the Reiki energy. I am proud to say that my Reiki lineage can be traced all the way back to Usui himself.

What to expect in a Reiki session


Reiki is a gentle non invasive technique that is carried out in a quiet environment.

You will be fully clothed and only asked to remove your shoes. You lie down on a treatment table with a pillow to support your head and an optional blanket to cover you. If you can’t manage to lie down for the session a chair will be just fine

Reiki can be done either hands on or hands off, it is entirely your choice.

Hands on Reiki will involve me placing my hands gently on different parts of your body starting at the head and working down to the feet. Hands off Reiki is done with my hands held slightly over the areas. Both techniques are equally effective.

Reiki can unblock, re-align and balance your chakras. We have seven main chakras and I am happy to give additional information about these during your session.

Some people can feel warmth and heat during the treatment, some feel coldness or tingling sensations. Some people report seeing colours and visions and some people do not see or feel anything during the treatment. Each session is different and you may experience different things in each one.

It is not uncommon for people to fall asleep during the session, don’t worry you will still get the benefit of the Reiki. The reactions to Reiki are very individual and there is no right or wrong reaction.

If you do not feel anything during the session this does not mean the Reiki is not working, Reiki is very intelligent and goes where it is needed regardless of how the recipient reacts to it.

It is possible that the Reiki may release emotions that have been held in so it is quite possible that you may feel tearful or emotional during or after the session.

My wellness sessions combine reiki, reiki drum, meditation and the foundation rites of the Munay Ki to ensure a well rounded healing experience

The sessions are tailored made for YOU so each one will be unique, come and discover the synergy of my sessions for a transformative journey towards balance and wellness

You can book individual sessions or a make a discounted block booking of 4 sessions

30 minutes £30  Block of 4 sessions £110

60 minutes £55  Block of 4 sessions £205

90 minutes £75  Block of 4 sessions £280

Why not add in a relaxing Indian head massage to your Reiki session, indulge in a 30 minute head massage followed by a 30 minute reiki session (make sure you can go home a relax after this session!)

The combination of an Indian head massage followed by a Reiki session is a harmonious blend of relaxation and energy healing. This duo promises to soothe away tension, align your energy centers, and provide a profound sense of well-being.

30 minute Indian head massage followed by 30 minute reiki  £55

Distance Reiki

Reiki does not need to be done in person and can be sent over any distance. We are all made of energy and everything is connected so the universal life force energy, reiki, can be channelled anywhere regardless of location.

If you are not local to Enfield I can still send you the beautiful healing of Reiki through a Distance Reiki session.

I would need details of your location, a recent photograph and we then agree a mutually convenient time.

You will need to have space that you can relax in and won’t be disturbed. I recommend lying down or sitting in a comfortable chair with eyes closed. It helps to create a relaxing atmosphere so playing soft music and lighting candles can be beneficial.

Before the session I meditate, cleanse myself and my space with sage and light some candles and incense. This ensures I am totally relaxed and ready to connect for our session.

During the session I connect to your energy and channel the Reiki, you just need to relax and allow the energy being sent to flow with an openness and willingness to receive it.

After the session I send you a timelapse video of your session and often pull a card for guidance too.

This session can also be carried out over zoom if you prefer, just let me know when booking your slot which technique you want.

30 minutes £30

Reiki can be sent forwards in time across a distance, this makes it a perfect way to help settle nerves for important events such as tests, exams, driving tests, interviews, auditions or meetings etc

The reiki is sent a day in advance to promote calm and postitive energy and for a good outcome that is for your greatest good.

This DOES NOT guarentee passing the test or getting the job, it just gives an added boost your confidence and energy for the event

Zen for Ten Reiki to an event £10

Crystal powered chakra balance

This is a beautiful reiki session that harnesses the power of crystals.

Crystals are placed on each chakra and reiki is channelled.

This session has the intention to open, balance and align your chakras. Perfect for a quick maintenance session for your self care routine

45 minutes £40

Reiki Drum

Drumming is a form of sound healing that dates way back to ancient tribes.

The reiki drum technique combines the beautiful, loving, healing energy of reiki with the deep healing vibration of the drum.

Reiki drumming can help our brainwaves to settle which allows us to access our higher states of consciousness.

Scientific studies have shown that drumming has been helpful when treating stress, tension, anxiety and sleep disorders amongst other things.

There a many different techniques using the drum – the most common are:

Reiki drum healing:

This is a reiki session incorporating the drum. After a traditional start to the session with hands on reiki the drum is then used over the body to utilise the deep healing vibrations of the beat.


Positive mental programming:

This is a beautiful and empowering exercise, the  drum is gently beaten while you repeat an affirmation, this is a form of positive mental programming.

It is a wonderfully positive and healing exercise to help you to change your mindset.

The beat of the drum really locks in the essence of the affirmation deep into your body, subconscious and conscious awareness.

A Reiki drum journey:

A Reiki drum journey is like a guided meditation using the drum beat as the guide.

A reiki drum journey can be used to connect to your inner wisdom and intuition, spirit guides, angels and animal guides. It’s useful for personal growth and development and promotes harmony and balance in your life.

A reiki drum journey is a wonderful tool for releasing blocks, limiting beliefs and can boost your overall healing process.

My wellness sessions combine reiki, reiki drum, meditation and the foundation rites of the Munay Ki to ensure a well rounded healing experience

The sessions are tailored made for YOU so each one will be unique, come and discover the synergy of my sessions for a transformative journey towards balance and wellness

You can book individual sessions or a make a discounted block booking of 4 sessions

30 minutes £30  Block of 4 sessions £110

60 minutes £55  Block of 4 sessions £205

90 minutes £75  Block of 4 sessions £280

Sometimes we just need a quick boost to our self care practice, maybe we are tight on time or money or you just need a bit of clarity on a subject – my Zen for Ten services are perfect for this

When a full session is not suitable for you we can book you in for a quick reiki drum journey

Zen for Ten reiki drum journey 10-20 minutes £10


Janice meditating by a river, surrounded by green trees.

“I had my first Reiki treatment with Janice this week . Firstly can I say what a lovely lady , so friendly and welcoming, she made me feel very relaxed and safe from the first moment.

Janice has a perfect balance of being very professional and making you feel like you’re talking to a friend at the same time. She explained what may happen to me during the treatment and made it clear that this was my safe space allowing me to be myself and let go of any emotion without judgment .

The heat that comes from Janice/ reiki power was unbelievable, like a hot water bottle being place on me and the comfort that comes from that heat . I have to say I did cry and I felt safe to do so , it was a surprise at how quickly my emotions build up and I was able to release my tears, which I feel have been building and kept in for many years”


“I tried distance reiki last night for the first time with Janice and was absolutely blown away with it, I had no idea if it would work or how but trust me it really does, felt amazing, I had been working up the courage to try it for a while now as I’ve been following Janice on Facebook for a quite some time and I am so glad I did, will definitely be having another session again thank you so much Janice.”


“I’ve just had a Reiki distant healing session from the lovely Janice and I can honestly say I feel so relaxed and at peace. I felt tingling and saw lots of colours and white light. I also felt a real feeling of inner peace, safety and contentment. I actually fell asleep I was so relaxed. Highly recommend her. I am booking some more sessions as we speak.


All I can say is Wow!

An absolutely beautiful space to be held in.

I didn’t want the session to end, I feel so light, re-freshed and relaxed and I felt like I floated home!”

Thank you so much!

I can’t wait for my next session.

Rowan – Reiki Drum Session

“Wow! I have just emerged from what I can only describe as a bubble of bliss after a reiki alignment session with Janice. I felt such a strong feeling of inner peace as well as experiencing some very powerful and palpable shifts in my energy; very much like a weight had been lifted… Janice is truly gifted at what she does and is so warm and welcoming that you instantly feel relaxed and at ease in her presence. I was recommended by a friend and I am so glad I was because this is such a beautiful experience and  I am looking forward to trying out some of her other offerings. Thank you Janice!”