Zen for Ten

In today’s fast-paced world, finding time for self-care and relaxation can be challenging. Fortunately, express sessions of mindful exercises offer a convenient and effective solution for those seeking quick but impactful moments of rejuvenation. While traditional hour-long sessions are valuable, exploring the benefits of condensed practices can be equally transformative, especially as we do not always have the time or funds for these longer sessions.

It is my misison in life to bring accessible and affordable self care to as many people as possible

What Zen for Ten services are availalble?

Sending reiki to an event

Beautiful reiki energy is sent a day in advance to an event of your choice –
for example it can be sent to:
– tests
– exams
– driving tests
– house move
– auditions
– interviews
This list is not exhaustive, reiki can be sent to anything , the only limits are our imaginations
NB: this DOES NOT guarantee passing the test or exam or getting the job etc
The reiki is sent to promote calm and positive energy and for an outcome that is for your greatest and highest good


Reiki drum journey

Follow the drum to go on a journey for self discovery, clarity and guidance

 It can be used to connect to your inner wisdom and intuition, spirit guides, angels and animal guides. It’s useful for personal growth and development and promotes harmony and balance in your life.

A reiki drum journey is a wonderful tool for releasing blocks, limiting beliefs and can boost your overall healing process.

10-20 minutes £10

Oracle card reading

An oracle card reading for quick guidance
You can ask for guidance in a particular area (not fertility or health) or just ask for general guidance, I am a certified angel guide and angel card mastery reader (both courses accredited with Kyle Gray) these readings channel messages and guidance for you which can bring confirmation and clarity around situations for you
You can also have a general reading which tells you what your angels want you to know and focus on right now
Readings will be sent as a video via email within 24 hours of booking


Guided meditation

An express guided meditation session to support your individual needs
Meditations are available for:
– Relaxation
– Clarity
– Manifesting
– Grounding
– Releasing
– Self discovery
and many more
Just let me know when you book if you have a specific area you want to focus on
10-20 minutes £10


“I recently had a reading with Janice, I wanted to tell you how much I got from it, the claity I felt afterwards on some business and life situations that have been laying heavy. There is something about Janice that just makes you feel at ease, I cannot recomend her enough, I will be making these readings a regular occurance withiin my wellness and self care journey”


“Thank you, you’re a very special, gifted, amazing woman. I don’t think you know just how much I appreciate what you do…. you have bought peace to someone special to me, I can’t thank you enough”